Some new shops!

Just some of the developments in sawyer…


An older bricky buildings in sawyer.


Potential future plans.

I made a new model testing world where I could test out model ideas before putting them into practice. We may see some of these new things in the world in time. Who knows?

And a last thing, I decided I wanted to build some small express shops accross the tramway from the populated side of the street. What do you think? If you have any ideas of what shops to build or how this should go, feel free to comment down below. Cya later everyone.

Welcome to Xiaon City SC, WordPress!

I decided to create a WordPress blog for my survivalcraft creation, Xiaon City. There may be more creations in the future, but for now, only Xiaon will be covered on this blog. Hey, we may even see a YouTube video or two in future if this grows, who knows? For previous updates on Xiaon, feel free to scroll through the Facebook page to see what’s been going on, and for the latest version. Until the next time, bye all!


But first a WordPress Exclusive Snap!